Our 2015 line up is complete!

So we have now announced all of our acts for the 2015 show and it is time to unveil our flyer artwork!


Project Pitchfork,, Empirion, Monolith, Klangstabil, Cocksure, Melotron, L’Ame Immortelle, BhamBhamHara, Chant, Ethan Fawkes, reAdjust, Mechanical Cabaret, D-K-A-G, AlterRed & Ctrl Alt Del


Can you help us distribute flyers in your area? If so please send us your postal address and we’ll send you a pack – thanks!

We’ll tell you who is playing on which day soon!

In the mean time, don’t forget to secure your tickets and accommodation before it’s too late…

(click the flyer below for print-ready artwork)

Infest 2015 Flyer

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Monolith confirmed for Infest 2015!

Appealing to a very diverse audience while also bewildering those who never really manage to pigeonhole his music in to any specific musical sub-genre. From the Ant-Zen and Hands rhythmic noise sound, to the harsh ambient and through to the industrial, alongside Novamute’s more intellectual electronic dance experiments, to even the International DeeJay Gigolo Records electro-clash gang…

Monolith takes the listener on a sonic journey!

The ultimate high-energy cocktail of modern urban industrial, with surprising minimal and electro-clash tonalities, intelligently blending an 80’s analogue music background, fortified by excellent real time synth performances, with futuristic fx and mesmerising electronic sequences, each time incorporating new and increasingly exotic elements.

A strongly recommended and uplifting sonic experience, with elaborate arrangements which speak to both body and mind…

Monolith IS Monolith!

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CTRL ALT DEL confirmed for Infest 2015!

Ridiculously powerful, speaker-destroying EDM from the badlands of Milton Keynes, England.

Full to the brim of super heavy, industrial strength dubstep, drum & bass and techno malarkey! They like it all and even though it confuses people, there’s little chance of them changing that!

We decided to include two video links just so you get an idea of how “all over the place” these guys are!

CTRL ALT DEL are heavy, ambient, glitchy, 8bit geekstep weirdness… or something like that.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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D-K-A-G confirmed for Infest 2015!

Formed by three DJs from two of London’s most famous scene-clubs, Slimelight and Antichrist, they’ve been working hard at their secret K-Lab location in London to develop their sound and unleash it on the world.
With their underground sound they’ve quickly built up a steady following and have already supported some of the heavyweights in modern industrial and EBM, including Suicide Commando, Combichrist, Apoptygma Berzerk, Phosgore, Icon Of Coil, Velvet Acid Christ and Shiv-R.

The future looks bright for this band!

Positive energy + pounding sounds + hard hitting melodies
= D-K-A-G.

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reADJUST confirmed for Infest 2015!

Having played shows and festivals all over Germany, sharing the stage with the likes of Combichrist, Spetsnaz, Agonoize, and SITD, reADJUST are hungry to travel further afield and perform outside of their native Germany. Bringing their music to an audience who have not been able to experience it live before, Infest is pleased to work with our friends at Dark Asylum Radio to make this a reality.

reADJUST create a perfect match between their melodious side and the power of harsher electro-industrial elements. Strong melodies combine with classic dark electro-EBM with a touch of minimalism. reADJUST merge distorted vocals and enraged edgy lyrics, to form an unique sound.

On stage reADJUST put on an energetic show, with the band having fun and feeding off their audience’s energy, creating a consistently danceable experience.

…what are you waiting for? Get your TICKETS here!

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