reADJUST confirmed for Infest 2015!

Having played shows and festivals all over Germany, sharing the stage with the likes of Combichrist, Spetsnaz, Agonoize, and SITD, reADJUST are hungry to travel further afield and perform outside of their native Germany. Bringing their music to an audience who have not been able to experience it live before, Infest is pleased to work with our friends at Dark Asylum Radio to make this a reality.

reADJUST create a perfect match between their melodious side and the power of harsher electro-industrial elements. Strong melodies combine with classic dark electro-EBM with a touch of minimalism. reADJUST merge distorted vocals and enraged edgy lyrics, to form an unique sound.

On stage reADJUST put on an energetic show, with the band having fun and feeding off their audience’s energy, creating a consistently danceable experience.

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Mind.In.A.Box confirmed for Infest 2015!

“Attempt number two-hundred-eight“, White hears the voice of the mechanic say.

The cameras are recording. The contraption is humming along. The machine automatically inserts the tubes into the arteries of the man. The needles are piercing his skin, entering deep into his flesh. His eyes contort. Within the blink of an eye the icy cold blue liquid floods his body like an arctic shock. Cold vapor is billowing out of his mouth. His pupils are changing.

This horrific gaze!

White will never get used to it.

The mechanic is regulating the flux with the synchronizer. White thought that all of this should have been much easier. That night, when Black escaped, the Agency guys had caught the frequency with the detector. They had analyzed the sequence for days, but it was useless.

What good was a frequency that opens a door to the Dreamweb, if you didn’t know how to synchronize with it?

The story continues…

They left us stunned after their UK debut at Infest 2011.
Join us for the next episode!

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Make sure you check out the latest stunning Mind.In.A.Box creation!
The new album “Memories” is available NOW
from our sponsors STORMING THE BASE
or directly from MIND IN A BOX

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Empirion confirmed for Infest 2015!

Fusing hard techno and industrial with acid house, Empirion began life at the pinnacle of the UK acid house movement.

…having met while out and about on the rave party scene, they are famed for remixes of such bands as Front 242, Fluke, Praga Kahn, China Drum, Cubanate, even Yorkshire rockers Terrorvision. Oh and don’t forget that immense remix of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter”, which put the band on the front foot as they dominated dance floors around the globe.

They supported the Prodigy throughout Europe as well as racking up many high profile European festival appearances alongside the likes of Kraftwerk and toured America as a part of Megadog’s “Big Top Tour”, alongside acts like Moby, 808 State, Eat Static, System 7 and DJ’s Grooverider, Derrick May and BT.

Then tragedy hit when original member Glennie died from cancer and the band was put on hiatus. But now with renewed vigour, Empirion have reformed and are back in action!

Once again the trademark squawks of analogue madness are on show, alongside pulsating beats and awesome breakdowns. Perfect Infest material!

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Chant confirmed for Infest 2015!

Bombastic Cyber Punk!

A powerful combination of industrialised percussion and electrified melodies. The music is passionate yet furious: with dark hook-laden synth lines, crunchy guitars, metal grinders, mechanised sounds.
Combined with the vocals, expressing internal rage and raw emotion, all coming together in a brain-damaging session!

One of the top Industrial acts to come out of the US recently. A subversive DIY style of art turning any object into part of his musical arsenal, with mixed media provoking reactions and turning heads.

Touring with the likes of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, Lords of Acid, KMFDM and Die Krupps…

We are thrilled to welcome Chant to the Infest stage for their UK debut.


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Ethan Fawkes confirmed for Infest 2015!

An electronic treasure from Belgium, his 90s grunge and metal background has become re-oriented towards techno, EBM and electro industrial music.

You will hear a merge of guitar loops and electronic sequences driven by harsh vocals with recognisable influences including Ministry, KMFDM, Front 242 and Suicide Commando.

Ethan Fawkes mixes the opposites and it’s not always easy to directly grasp his sound, but that’s what differentiates this artist from the endless EBM troops!

One of the hardest working, most prolific artists on the scene who remixes and is remixed by a huge number of artists representing the whole spectrum, from centro-euro techno, to northern EBM electro Industrial culture. He may not be the most familiar name in our Industrial underground, but its unlikely you haven’t already heard one of his remixes somewhere!

Intelligent techno for the dance floor, in all its varieties.
Too dark and underground for the techno scene?
A bit too techno-minded for the EBM scene?
…you decide! We think you’ll be impressed.

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