1. Infest 2014 Xenturion Prime Interview

    17 October, 2014 by Chris

    This is Power Synth!

    In this week’s instalment Debs and Steve interview the uniquely awesome Bjørn and Hasse from Xenturion Prime.

    They tell us how much they enjoyed their return to our stage since their former life as Code 64, as well as their appreciation for the dedicated music fans who flock to Infest.

    More interviews next week!

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  2. Infest 2014 Dreams Divide Interview

    10 October, 2014 by Chris

    Here’s our interview with Gem & David from Dreams Divide!

    Hear why they think we should be called Awesomefest and the audience ramming themselves up against the barrier during their set!

    You’ll also find out about the evolution of their sound on the latest album, Tears From the Night Sky.


    Thanks guys, we love the new album! Get it here via Juggernaut Music

    Tickets for Infest 2015 are on sale now!


  3. Infest 2014 Mr.Kitty Interview

    3 October, 2014 by Chris

    Here’s our interview with Forrest Carney AKA Mr.Kitty!

    Check out the video to hear about his brand of “suicidal synthpop” and his Dark Youth series of albums.

    Forrest tells us about the clarifying benefits of gin & tonic, a minor run-in with Echo and the Bunnymen, and enthuses about his first trip to England.

    Thanks Forrest, we hope to see you again soon!

    Tickets for Infest 2015 are on sale now!


  4. Infest 2014 VNV Nation Interview

    26 September, 2014 by Chris

    Take a look at our interview with Ronan Harris of VNV Nation at Infest 2014!

    Hear about why he likes Infest and what freaks him out, his ambition as a performer and his on-stage connection with bandmate Mark.
    …oh and his farmer’s hands!

    Thanks Ronan, you’re a legend!

    Tickets for Infest 2015 are on sale now!


  5. Infest 2014 Review from DSO

    22 September, 2014 by Chris

    Ready to relive the fun of Infest 2014? Wondering what you missed? Look no further than this review from Rob Dyer at dsoaudio.

    …it’s only 4 weeks since we had our Infest friends around us but how can it feel like such an eternity?

    Also, now is your last chance to grab some Infest 2014 Merch. Plus we’ve added some special items from Acucrack. Take a look on our official webstore here. …once they’re gone, that’s it!

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    Acucrack at Infest by Marek Isalski

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