Ethan Fawkes confirmed for Infest 2015!

An electronic treasure from Belgium, his 90s grunge and metal background has become re-oriented towards techno, EBM and electro industrial music.

You will hear a merge of guitar loops and electronic sequences driven by harsh vocals with recognisable influences including Ministry, KMFDM, Front 242 and Suicide Commando.

Ethan Fawkes mixes the opposites and it’s not always easy to directly grasp his sound, but that’s what differentiates this artist from the endless EBM troops!

One of the hardest working, most prolific artists on the scene who remixes and is remixed by a huge number of artists representing the whole spectrum, from centro-euro techno, to northern EBM electro Industrial culture. He may not be the most familiar name in our Industrial underground, but its unlikely you haven’t already heard one of his remixes somewhere!

Intelligent techno for the dance floor, in all its varieties.
Too dark and underground for the techno scene?
A bit too techno-minded for the EBM scene?
…you decide! We think you’ll be impressed.

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BhamBhamHara Confirmed for Infest 2015!

A new project from Germany with Jan Bicker of the excellent dark electro act Abscess and Axel Ermes from post punk and gothic bands such as Girls Under Glass and Cancer Barrack, also known for writing songs and performing live keys for synthpop legends Wolfsheim.

Joined for live shows by drummer Nook, ex Die Krupps and Project Pitchfork, BhamBhamHara bring a fresh quality approach to electronic music guaranteed to get the dance floor jumping!

Progressive Body Music by name,
Progressive Body Music by nature!

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Mechanical Cabaret confirmed for Infest 2015!

A shot of punk ethic, chuck in a substantial measure of odd pop glamour, a sprinkling of bleeping electronics and shake vigorously in the style of the late great Fad Gadget, and the resulting saucy cocktail is called Mechanical Cabaret.

From the neon­-lit, decadent heart of London, with a razor sharp wit and sound to match, these British electro­punks produce a compelling brand of bruised and abused emotional, yet defiantly energetic electronic music.

They combine dark, sleazy electronics with an edgy, disco­punk feel; their obtuse, intense melodies scatter, tease and probe your psyche, constructed from spiky, brooding synthetic sounds. Sampled noise, quasi-­industrial synth­pop rhythms, and throbbing, driving bass lines are all topped off by lyrical cynical observations of life, delivered with a deadpan dose of sardonic attitude and scathingly British black humour.

Formed from the ashes of Nekromantik, who performed at the very first Infest back in 1998, we are very pleased to host Mechanical Cabaret at the very latest Infest 2015!

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Tickets: More Ways To Buy!

We’ve confirmed a number of new ticket outlets and now there are more ways to buy your festival tickets than ever before!

We’ve added high street outlets in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

You can buy single weekend tickets, single day tickets, group weekend deals (5 for 4) and you can buy online.

Don’t miss our zero booking fee option either! Combine that with the group deal and you’ve got a serious bargain.

Full details are here – click for links to buy online, phone numbers, walk-in addresses and prices.


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AlterRed Confirmed for Infest 2015!

With an array of recognizable influences from Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Jane’s Addiction and IAMX, London based electro-rock cabaret artists, AlterRed create a unique melting-pot of sound and imagery.

AlterRed have made a dramatic and impressive impact on a wide variety of audiences with their flamboyant live shows. Self medicated madness is their remit. Love, lust, lunacy and loss are their tales to tell.

…music to lose your mind to!

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